On the way to Shanghai…

Busy Airport

Busy Airport


Seventeen Whittier College students are traveling through China this Jan Term with Professor of Business Administration Jeff Decker and business leader Edwin Keh ’79, who was a recent lecturer at the Wharton School of Business. 




Edwin Keh ’79 reports: This morning (Wednesday) we got up at 4:30 and got to the airport only to be told our flight was delayed by several hours.  We used the time to have a class and lecture at the gate.

Finally in the air...

Finally in the air...









Thursday morning we will go to Suzhou to tour a high tech TV manufacturing plant, and then we still have Nike, GE, Daphne(the largest women’s shoe retailer in China 7000 stores), the #1 Store (No 3 largest e commerce company in China, fastest growing co in China in the last 3 years), and GLP (one of the largest logistics companies in China.

Saturday we will visit a social enterprise started by two Harvard Students that was recently featured in CNN.  We’ve got some side trips and a ride on the Maglev train (fastest train in the world) before we’re done next Tuesday.

We’re all pretty excited, and every night we fall asleep dead tired.


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